About Us

Hello there - thank you for stopping by our site!  My name is Rod Linder and I’m the owner of Lindo.

Since I was a kid, I've always loved the outdoors.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, finding things to do outside has never been a problem.  

Another love I've had from a young age was hats - seldom was I without one.  But unlike the outdoor offerings of the PNW, finding good hats has always been a struggle.  The hats on the market today always seem to be low quality, ill fitting, or covered with a corporation's name/logo - which I'm not a fan of.  

So I decided to scratch my own itch and make the hats that I wanted.  My focus was on 3 things: high quality, outdoor themed, and simple designs with no company branding.  It turned out this philosophy and our product resonated with others and we were off and running.  

I now operate Lindo with the help of my wife Brooke and an occasional hand from our sons Kolby (12) and Kash (10).

I appreciate you checking us out and hope you’re wearing one of our hats on your next outdoor adventure!