Hello there - thank you for stopping by our site!  My name is Rod Linder and I’m the owner of LINDO.

Since I was a kid, I've always loved the outdoors. I've also always loved hats - seldom was I without one. Living in the Pacific Northwest finding things to do outside has never been a problem, but finding good hats has always been a struggle. 

The hats on the market today always seem to be low quality, ill fitting, or covered with a corporation's name/logo - which I'm not a fan of.  

So I decided to scratch my own itch and make the hats that I wanted.  My focus was on 3 things: high quality, outdoor themed, and simple designs with no company branding. 

It turned out this philosophy and our product resonated with others and we were off and running.  

I appreciate you checking us out and hope you’re wearing one of our hats on your next outdoor adventure!


I operate LINDO with my wife Brooke and some help from our boys Kolby and Kash. We are located in Marsing, Idaho (population 1,379) which is about 45 minutes west of Boise.


We started as a side business in our unfinished basement in 2013. Thanks to the amazing support of our customers we were able to make LINDO a full time business in 2019


We're blessed to have some amazing local students (Abby, Mila, Delaney, and Emily) working with us to make sure all hats are cleaned, boxed up, and ready to be sent out.